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Every Project is unique

Quotes for development and scripting or collaboration on a full production from beginning to end is dependent on the extent and budget of your project. 

Max City's creative, technical and logistical input is tailored to your project and we will work with you to reach a fair and affordable rate.


The next steps...

Taking a leap into the unknown is the hardest part. Once Max City gives you the knowledge, you will gain confidence over your own project.

If you are looking to make a feature film or develop a tv format, it makes sense to first create a rip reel or concept trailer. It's much cheaper and allows you to pinpoint your idea and how best to tell your story before spending greater amounts of money.

Making a Pilot Episode rather than a whole series to start with is more logical UNLESS your vision is crystal clear and you are capable of self-financing it. 

Quotes for taking us on are free. And so is our advice. There are no strings attached and no obligations at this stage.

We're happy to talk by phone or video call if that's easier. 




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