Distribution Stage

Get It Out There

Marketing and distribution is often considered the most confusing part of the creative process. After all the hard work has been put into the production, Max City will design a clear path forward and provide you with options to release your project out into the world. 

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'With a strong story there is promise and payoff. '

We have tax breaks in place to help you increase your ROI (return of investment) and return upwards of 30% cash back after the project is completed. This is dependent on a majority percentage (51%) of your project being developed, filmed and post-produced in the UK regardless of the creator’s country of origin. We will aim to decrease your risk wherever possible with all deductions and tax relief established and incorporated into the signed agreement. 


We will put together a simple distribution strategy and an outline of costs and possible revenue streams along with a strategy to increase exposure and target viewers the project will most impact. 


We will also provide a sales forecast or online data metrics forecast to estimate a realistic return on the investment. The scope and scale of your project will establish its potential global reach.