Maximum City

James Capria, Lead Creative

Having produced and directed over 100 hours of film and television, James has extensive experience across a wide range of genres; from children’s shows, to cooking, travel, lifestyle, and automotive series,  and understands what makes a great watch. James has won multiple industry awards but including a Directing Bafta (A British Academy Award) for a series profiling young boxers struggling inside and outside the ring. 

James has served as a creative director and executive producer at an independent production company in London, England. During his time there, James helped to secure multiple commissions for projects ranging from feature-length documentaries to scripted and unscripted reality series. James built presentation decks and full editorial breakdowns and importantly determining how to achieve the highest quality production within the green lit budget. His belief is spending money effectively and putting it all on screen is one of the most important aspects of any production whether it’s an indie short or a Hollywood blockbuster.


James' role also consisted of seeking out and securing exclusive access to companies, individuals and locations. Casting both superstars in sports and media to everyday people. James believes this is the key to the success of a project as this will be your primary selling point to start with. Whether you’ve had a Eureka idea for a tv show or film or you finally want to make your dream project happen, Max City will help you make it come true.


James past work can be viewed through streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Insight TV - the world’s biggest 4K UHD online channel.