Production Stage


Max City will create, prepare and guide you through each stage of production; from shooting scripts, budgeting, scheduling, casting, crewing, equipment hire and working out all the kinks before you begin your project. 


"It should run like a military operation."

With Maximum City on board production, we will ensure the most talented team of freelance technicians and creatives are brought onto the project, sourced locally with all stages of production signed off by you. 


We can provide payroll if require or set up a milestone payment schedule after the end of each stage of work has been completed. This can be put into place through PayPal or iZettle App for example. 


Your project is confidential. We have production and non-disclosure agreements we can provide or you can provide your own. 


During production and post-production, remote viewing capabilities can be established through Frame iO. As a virtual production company, all scripts, schedules, budgets and cuts of the project will be stored and viewable at any time and is password-protected.