Development Stage

Make it happen

We can create a full script or shooting script from a single idea and bring your vision to light. We will also develop a series bible which is key for you to raise financing.

If you have financing in place, whether it's a small or big project, we will help you maximise your budget and put it all on the screen and get it seen.

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“Prepare or prepare to fail”

It all starts with the script is the cliche. But it is the most difficult part of the creative process. Very few people can do it alone. A great script will light your way and will give you the blue print to plan, shoot, and complete your film closest to how you see it. It will also prevent you from over-spending to get there. And there will be fewer headaches and heartache. A fully developed script and shooting plan will give you the confidence to execute your film and to place you in a stronger position to sell it, get it seen, and win fans and accolades.


If you are passionate about your project it goes beyond money. You are motivated to tell your story and to establish yourself creatively in the world. You have a burning desire to say something or shine a light on something. Risk taking is important, it’s how art and commerce evolve. With the right preparation, creative and financial risk can be almost completely eliminated. 


At Max City, we will steer you to the right approach, empower you to reach for the stars, and provide you with the tools and support to help you put your project together quickly. Whether you are planning to create a reality web series based on your business, a cutting edge  documentary, or a low-budget feature film, we will guide you to understand how to make it happen and get it done.


Though we will be creative collaborators, you will retain 100% of the IP and Copyright of your work. We can help you register your script and protect your format. If your project will be ongoing such as a weekly web series, we can put in place a schedule and shooting plan. 


The cost of our service is dependent on your development and production needs but we work on a flat fee after assessing your project.