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Development of Films + Formats & Passion Projects

Get Your Story Straight

Do you have a great idea for a film, tv format or web series but have little experience in the industry to make it happen? Led by a Bafta Winning Writer & Producer, Maximum City will develop, write and package your project for financing. If you're self-financing we will guide you during production from start to finish.

Development, Writing & Producing Work


Full collaboration to bring your idea to life and make it achievable for you.  We will create a script or series bible to validate your project for production or investment.


We can source the right crew for your project or prepare you with a shooting script

and complete blue print to get it made the way you envision.


You own 100% of the IP or copyright. We will devise the most aggressive strategy to get your project seen and eligible for industry awards.


What is provided during different stages of collaboration and resources valuable for creating your project.

Maximum City Vision

Maximum City is a development and production service to empower creative people with no formal background but with provocative or interesting ideas - transforming "talk" into "action".

Led by James Capria, a Bafta Winning Writer, Producer & Director, his 20+ years industry experience in the USA and the UK, Maximum City will collaborate and support you in executing your vision to make it a reality. 

James has developed projects across a wide spectrum of content, from web series and tv formats, to dramas and helped secure financing and sales to major broadcasters and streaming platforms.

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